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Horrible Man

Vertalingen van horrible

bijvoeglijk naamwoord

Is it possible to be more than horrible?

1. verschrikkelijk
terrible, horrible, appalling, terrific, dreadful, dire
2. afschuwelijk
horrible, awful, horrid, hideous, abominable, abhorrent
3. vreselijk
terrible, horrible, dreadful, fearful, awesome, frightful
4. gruwelijk
horrible, horrific, heinous, atrocious, shocking
5. afgrijselijk
atrocious, horrible, hideous, ghastly, horrid, abominable
6. akelig
nasty, grim, horrible, dismal, dreary, gruesome
7. huiveringwekkend
eerie, horrible, eery, gruesome

Marketing to over a third of the world population.

Social Media - an additional perspective to be taken seriously

The number of social network users worldwide is expected to grow from 2.46 billion in 2017 to around 3.02 billion in 2021, reaching over a third of Earth’s entire population.

Spending time on a social network on your mobile device was hard to imagine just 10 years ago.

(Let me just remind you again that the first iPhone was released in 2009.)

10 years have passed and we have come to a point where 52% of all internet traffic is mobile.

As of January 2018, some 61% of users in North America accessed social media via a mobile device, while the global mobile social penetration rate was 34%.

There is seen a steady increase in mobile users over the past few months.